Peroxide (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Nina Nesbitt

Peroxide (Deluxe Edition)by Nina Nesbitt

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:10:36


2.Stay Out2:44
4.Two Worlds Away3:26
6.Mr. C2:43
7.He's The One I'm Bringing Back3:01
8.18 Candles3:14
9.Tough Luck3:19
10.The Outcome3:22
11.Hold You (feat. Kodaline)5:28
12.We'll Be Back For More3:20
13.The Hardest Part4:03
14.Some You Win3:35
15.Bright Blue Eyes4:10
16.Brit Summer3:10
17.Don't Stop2:46
18.Not What Your Dad Wants To Know3:00
19.The Apple Tree2:51
20.The People5:27
Shaun Struwig
"Peroxide" is the debut album from 19 year old Scottish singer-songwriter & guitarist Nina Nesbitt. Despite been a relative new comer to the popular music scene, Nesbitt's music is quickly exploding on social media channels and radio which is no surprise given her unique captivating voice and ability to capture the joys and struggles of teenage life, love and relationships in her lyrics. Given the steady homogenization of the pop genre over the years, Nesbitt maintains a refreshingly unique style that falls within a pop vein but also contains elements of folk and rock.
The Title track "Peroxide" is a catchy, well written tune about a previous relationship superseded by feelings of both love and hate - an idea conveyed through the metaphor of Peroxide as both a beauty product and a highly dangerous chemical. In some ways it reminded me of a less monotonous version of Taylor Swift's "We are never getting back together. Riddled throughout the song are clever pop culture references such as "You’re like a junk email in my inbox/Keep coming back/you keep coming back" something that's sure to strike a chord with younger listeners. The instrumental performance is interesting enough and makes nice use of dynamics and breaks in the music to support the vocal, something I found consistent throughout the album. One of the things that particularly caught my attention was how Nina's Scottish accent persists on the pronunciation of certain words which to my mind added to the authenticity of the song. The title of the album's single, "Selfies", refers to the popular modern trend of taking pictures of oneself and posting them to social networking sites. Admittedly, When I first heard there was a song called 'Selfies' I cringed - the title conjuring up flashbacks of the sort of superficiality put forth by the likes of Rebecca Black and Carly Rae Jepsen in recent years. Thankfully though, "Selfies" turns out to be a subtle social commentary on the reason behind the seemingly vain act of taking 'selfies' with lyrics such as "Guess I'm reaching out to be assured/All I wanted was to be adored". There is an interesting interplay between the darker sounding verses and the lighthearted chorus, Nesbitt's use of her Falsetto in the bridges perfectly tying the two together. Unfortunately not all the songs on the album live up to the expectations set by the first 3 tracks. Songs like "He's the one I'm bringing back" and "Mr. C" come across as badly produced 80's pop rip offs - boring and repetitive at best. There's even a sing-song line in Track 7, "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday" painfully reminiscent of Rebecca's "Friday". Fortunately there are 20 tracks on this album and for the most part the songs are easy to listen to and thoroughly enjoyable. The album contains more than a satisfactory variety with songs ranging from tunes like the introspective "Hold You" to the anthemic "The People". Overall, "Peroxide" is a strong offering from Nina Nesbitt, given that this is a debut album. Fans of Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Amy McDonald should definitely give Nina Nesbitt a listen along with those who have perhaps become disillusioned with the quality of today's pop music - I think you may be pleasantly surprised.