Settle (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Disclosure

Settle (Deluxe Edition)by Disclosure

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:20:55


2.When a Fire Starts to Burn4:44
3.Latch (feat. Sam Smith)4:16
4.F for You4:29
5.White Noise (feat. Sam Smith)4:38
6.Defeated No More (feat. Sam Smith)6:08
8.Voices (feat. Sam Smith)4:09
9.Second Chance2:27
10.Grab Her!5:13
11.You & Me (feat. Sam Smith)4:27
12.January (feat. Sam Smith)5:55
13.Confess to Me (feat. Sam Smith)4:10
14.Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. Sam Smith)4:04
15.Boiling (feat. Sam Smith)3:47
16.What's in Your Head5:31
18.Running (Disclosure remix) [Jessie Ware]5:31
It took me awhile to warm up the "it" band, Disclosure's, new album, Settle, but after I did I feel in love. Disclosure creates an electric album that doesn't depend on big bass and what not but on beautiful sound writing. Each song is just nice to listen to, yet still dance-able in most cases. There are a lot of guest spots, but Disclosure uses them to his strengths and uses them as another instrument at his disposal and doesn't make the vocals the focus of the song. A fantastic debut from a fantastic artist. Also get the singles that weren't on this album as those are also fantastic.