Songs For The End Of The World (Tarot Edition) mp3 Album by Rick Springfield

Songs For The End Of The World (Tarot Edition)by Rick Springfield

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 54:59


1.Wide Awake3:02
2.Our Ship's Sinking3:23
3.I Hate Myself2:41
4.You & Me3:53
6.A Sign of Life3:13
7.My Last Heartbeat3:31
9.Love Screws Me Up2:54
10.I Found You3:16
12.One Way Street3:54
13.Let Me In3:01
16.Her Body Makes Vows4:26
Mike C.
Rick Springfield has always been highly underrated and vastly overlooked by the Mainstream. It's a shame because the man has constantly put out solid Pop Rock/Hard Rock albums for many, many years. This album is a culmination of all his previous works, pop songs, ballads, hard driving rockers, and even some small sprinkles of industrial elements. He's always current and never sounds dated. Stand out tracks are I Found You, You and Me, but every song can stand on it's own. There's hooks a plenty throughout this whole album. Buy it!
I found this album very different from Rick Springfield. It's much more harder rock..Kinda reminds me of his younger days but more contemporary. Wide Awake and You & Me are great tracks off of this album..Overall.. If you're a Rick Springfield'll like this