St. Anger mp3 Album by Metallica
  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:15:08


2.St. Anger7:21
3.Some Kind Of Monster8:26
4.Dirty Window5:25
5.Invisible Kid8:30
6.My World5:46
7.Shoot Me Again7:10
8.Sweet Amber5:27
9.The Unnamed Feeling7:09
11.All Within My Hands8:50
After the two albums Load and Reload Metallica entered a dark period. The bass player Jason Newsted decided to leave the band. He stated that he could not stay in Metallica since it was killing him. At the same time Metallica went into the studio to record their new album. During the recording sessions James Hetfield left to spend a whole year at a antidrug facility since he was suffering from alcoholism. The whole situation was caught on tape and made available to everyone since Metallica had decided to record a documentary (Somekind of monster) of the making of their new album St Anger.

St Anger is different from Metallicas previous albums since it has a raw sound and almost no guitar solos. The sound of the drums on the album are different and has caused some debate. Despite all the issues a lot of the songs on the album are really good. There is aggression and attitude in the songs, something that was missing on the two albums before St Anger. My favorite songs on the album are St Anger, Frantic and All within my hands. These songs have great choruses and good lyrics. I recommend you to listen to this album and also to see Somekind of monster about the making of the album. From me St Anger gets four stars of five possible.
No reviews on this album? Well I am proud to be the first person to review such an awesome album. My favorite songs on here are frantic and St. Anger. This album is heavy! I love it. This is one of my favorite albums by Metallica. I never really liked them much before but I am starting to really like them more now. The more I listen to there music the more I see myself liking them. i have not been disappointed by them yet and I hope I'm not ever. Metallica is awesome! Five stars from me!