The Big 4: Live From Sofia, Bulgaria mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Big 4: Live From Sofia, Bulgariaby Various Artists

  • 52 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:17:50


Disk #1

1.Caught In A Moshby Anthrax6:04
2.Got The Timeby Anthrax3:43
3.Madhouseby Anthrax4:25
4.Be All, End Allby Anthrax8:01
5.Antisocialby Anthrax6:37
6.Indians-Heaven And Hellby Anthrax10:10
7.Medusaby Anthrax5:53
8.Onlyby Anthrax6:46
9.Metal Thrashing Madby Anthrax3:27
10.I Am The Lawby Anthrax8:14

Disk #2

1.Holy Wars ...The Punishment Dueby Megadeth6:33
2.Hangar 18by Megadeth5:04
3.Wake Up Deadby Megadeth3:45
4.Head Crusherby Megadeth3:18
5.In My Darkest Hourby Megadeth5:27
6.Skin O' My Teethby Megadeth3:14
7.A Tout Le Mouthby Megadeth4:28
8.Hook In Mouthby Megadeth4:39
9.Trustby Megadeth5:05
10.Sweating Bulletsby Megadeth4:51
11.Symphony Of Destructionby Megadeth4:16
12.Peace Sells-Holy Wars Repriseby Megadeth10:23

Disk #3

1.World Painted Bloodby Slayer6:26
2.Jihadby Slayer4:32
3.War Ensembleby Slayer5:09
4.Hate Worldwideby Slayer3:12
5.Seasons In The Abyssby Slayer6:25
6.Angel Of Deathby Slayer5:35
7.Beauty Through Orderby Slayer5:12
8.Discipleby Slayer5:07
9.Mandatory Suicideby Slayer4:14
10.Chemical Warfareby Slayer5:51
11.South Of Heavenby Slayer4:31
12.Raining Bloodby Slayer5:40

Disk #4

1.Creeping Deathby Metallica8:12
2.For Whom The Bell Tollsby Metallica4:30
3.Fuelby Metallica4:16
4.Harvester Of Sorrowby Metallica6:18
5.Fade To Blackby Metallica7:32
6.That Was Just Your Lifeby Metallica6:54
7.Cyanideby Metallica7:16
8.Sad But Trueby Metallica6:34
9.Welcome Home (Sanitarium)by Metallica6:15
10.All Nightmare Longby Metallica7:50

Disk #5

1.Oneby Metallica8:35
2.Master Of Puppetsby Metallica8:06
3.Blackenedby Metallica7:58
4.Nothing Else Mattersby Metallica5:57
5.Enter Sandmanby Metallica11:08
6.Am I Evil?by Metallica6:06
7.Hit The Lightsby Metallica5:25
8.Seek & Destroyby Metallica12:41
If you grew up on heavy metal then this set is for you. It combines 4 of the biggest metal bands from the 80's that are still together today. For the first time ever they came together for a true ground breaking tour.Back in the true glory days of metal this concert would have been a dream show and even though it took years to come it was still an amazing show.