You Get What You Give mp3 Album by Zac Brown Band

You Get What You Giveby Zac Brown Band

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:01:08


1.Let It Go4:39
2.Knee Deep (Featuring Jimmy Buffett)3:25
3.No Hurry3:47
4.I Play The Road4:21
5.Cold Hearted3:49
6.Whiskey's Gone2:49
7.Quiet Your Mind3:42
8.Colder Weather4:35
9.Settle Me Down3:24
10.As She'S Walking Away (Featuring Alan Jackson)3:45
11.Keep Me In Mind3:36
12.Who Knows10:05
14.Make This Day4:03
When I first heard The Zac Brown Band, I liked them immediately. I like country music now and then and this band can rock too. I like "Keep Me In Mind" and "As She's Walking Away" (I'm an Alan Jackson fan too.). This new style of country music differs from the " crying in my beer cause my wife left me now I'm going to prison" type of country most people think of when they think of country music.
Johnny Golden
The star rating should be a six... This album is that good, especially because of the change in their sound from their older albums.

Yes, there are some fun songs like, "Whiskey Gone," and those songs remind you of the great sound of former tracks. However, the reason this album is the best of the series is because of songs like "Colder Weather," "Quiet Your Mind," and "Martin." Those songs blow you away with the lyrical melodies plus explosive lyrics. Colder Weather spent tons of time on the radio, while the other two never saw the limelight, but that doesn't take away from the pure sound.

Quiet your mind delves into a relationship with a higher being, God, and how you must be quiet to listen to his plan, while "Martin" is about a special friend that never leaves your sights. Some can argue that Martin is also about religion, but I like to think of friend that is there no matter what. The message is great because if you treat people right they will do the same. This is one of the albums of the year and must have!