The Hellcat Years mp3 Artist Compilation by Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
  • 57 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 4:50:29


1.Tony Adams6:33
2.Sandpaper Blues4:27
3.X-Ray Style4:34
4.Techno D-Day4:08
5.The Road to Rock'n'Roll3:59
7.Diggin' the New3:07
8.Forbidden City4:47
9.Yalla Yalla6:57
10.Willesden to Cricklewood6:45
11.Johnny Appleseed4:05
12.Cool 'n' Out4:17
13.Global a GO-GO5:50
14.Bhindi Bhagee5:45
15.Gamma Ray6:55
16.Mega Bottle Ride3:33
17.Shaktar Donetsk5:58
18.Mondo Bondo6:13
19.Bummed Out City5:33
20.At the Border, Guy7:01
21.Minstrel Boy17:51
22.Coma Girl3:48
23.Get Down Moses5:05
24.Long Shadow3:34
25.Arms Aloft3:48
26.Ramshackle Day Parade3:59
27.Redemption Song3:28
28.All in a Day4:54
29.Burnin' Streets4:31
30.Midnight Jam5:48
31.Silver and Gold2:38
32.Time and the Tide (B-Side to Yalla Yalla)4:06
33.The X-Ray Style (live Summer 99) [B-Side to Yalla Yalla]4:31
34.Yalla Yalla (Norro's King dub) [B-Side to Yalla Yalla]7:00
35.The Harder They Come (live) [B-Side to Coma Girl]3:23
36.Rudi, a Message to You (live) [B-Side to Coma Girl]5:01
37.Blitzkreig Bop (live) [B-Side to Coma Girl]3:23
38.Yalla Yalla (live) [B-Side to Coma Girl]6:54
39.Armagideon Time (B-Side to Redemption Song)4:28
40.Pressure Drop (B-Side to Redemption Song)4:28
41.Junco Partner (From Hellcat Give Em the Boot IV Compilation)4:19
42.Shaktar Donetsk (Acton Concert)5:44
43.Bhindee Bhagee (Acton Concert)6:16
44.Rudy Can't Fail (Acton Concert)4:45
45.Tony Adams (Acton Concert)7:31
46.White Man in Hammersmith Palais (Acton Concert)5:13
47.Mega Bottle Ride (Acton Concert)3:53
48.Get Down Moses (Acton Concert)3:59
49.Police and Thieves (Acton Concert)6:12
50.Cool 'n' Out (Acton Concert)4:07
51.Police on My Back (Acton Concert)4:40
52.Johnny Appleseed (Acton Concert)4:52
53.Coma Girl (Acton Concert)3:58
54.I Fought the Law (Acton Concert)3:14
55.Bank Robber (Encore W/ Mick Jones) (Acton Concert)9:24
56.White Riot (Encore W/ Mick Jones) (Acton Concert)2:19
57.London's Burning (Encore W/ Mick Jones) (Acton Concert)2:28

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