The Last Ship (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Sting

The Last Ship (Deluxe Edition)by Sting

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:06:02


Disk #1

1.The Last Ship3:50
2.Dead Man's Boots3:30
3.And Yet3:53
4.August Winds3:18
5.Language of Birds3:30
6.Practical Arrangement3:16
7.The Night the Pugilist Learned How to Dance4:13
8.Ballad of the Great Eastern5:15
9.What Have We Got? (feat. Jimmy Nail)3:34
10.I Love Her but She Loves Someone Else3:42
11.So to Speak (feat. Becky Unthank)4:07
12.The Last Ship (reprise)3:19

Disk #2

1.Shipyard (feat. Jimmy Nail, Brian Johnson & Jo Lawry)6:01
2.It's Not the Same Moon2:54
4.Sky Hooks and Tartan Paint (feat. Brian Johnson)3:34
5.Show Some Respect4:48
wow what can I say, I have as many negative things to say about this album as I do positive things! Sorry Sting but where are the great days of old? My first comment, unfortunately , I have to say is unimpressed! There are definitely areas I looked for and did not find. Gone was the melody and lyrics that I loved about stings, to wit, what used to make me a sting fan! Usually I will take these reviews and use them to make a suggestion to fellow music lovers; survey Rene says thumbs down friends!!