Ten Thousand Fists mp3 Album by Disturbed

Ten Thousand Fistsby Disturbed

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 56:26


1.Ten Thousand Fists3:33
2.Just Stop3:46
6.I'M Alive4:42
7.Sons Of Plunder3:51
11.Land Of Confusion4:50
12.Sacred Lie3:08
13.Pain Redefined4:10
I really like this album. Disturbed puts out some great music and I am really enjoying there work. This album is one of those albums that I can play any song on here and like in my opinion and that is very hard to find an album like that for me.The songs that I like the most on this album are "I'm Alive" and "Deify" . Disturbed is a great band.I really like them.
I truly believe Ten Thousand Fists was the best album in 2005 - maybe even this past decade. It is that good. I have friends who are not into 'harder' rock or Disturbed at all who like many of songs on this album.

I don't know exactly what it is, but I suspect it is the more melodic nature of Ten Thousand Fists. There is not as much of the high intensity 'shouting' that many have come to associate with Disturbed - though there is certainly still enough that Disturbed stays true to their roots.

From the killer cover of Land of Confusion to the wickedly eery Overburdened to the take no prisoner hooks in Just Stop and Sons of Plunder, Ten Thousands Fists is a masterpiece.