The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 29 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 29by Various Artists

  • 63 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:54:06


Disk #1

1.The Count On Rush Streetby Art Pepper3:09
2.Pooch Mcgoochby Art Pepper2:41
3.Brown Goldby Art Pepper2:24
4.Holiday Flightby Art Pepper3:09
5.Surf Rideby Art Pepper2:52
6.Tickle Toeby Art Pepper2:53
7.Chili Pepperby Art Pepper2:58
8.Suzy The Poodleby Art Pepper3:12
9.Straight Lifeby Art Pepper2:50
10.Cinnamonby Art Pepper3:08
11.Thyme Timeby Art Pepper3:27
12.The Way You Look Tonightby Art Pepper3:47
13.Nutmegby Art Pepper3:13
14.Art'S Oreganoby Art Pepper3:09
15.Over The Rainbowby Art Pepper3:01
16.Popoby Art Pepper3:02
17.Didiby Art Pepper2:27
18.Sam And The Ladyby Art Pepper3:08
19.Aproposby Art Pepper2:39
20.Art Pepperby Art Pepper5:16

Disk #2

1.Moton Swingby Shorty Rogers6:02
2.Isn't It Romanticby Shorty Rogers5:46
3.Four Mothersby Shorty Rogers2:50
4.Dickie'S Dreamby Shorty Rogers5:32
5.Over The Rainbowby Shorty Rogers3:01
6.The Lady In Redby Shorty Rogers6:11
7.Just A Fewby Shorty Rogers4:15
8.My Heart Stood Stillby Shorty Rogers6:13
9.Blues Way Up Thereby Shorty Rogers5:22
10.Blues Way Down Thereby Shorty Rogers4:16
11.Easyby Shorty Rogers4:22
12.Not Really The Bluesby Shorty Rogers5:00
13.Baklava Bridgeby Shorty Rogers5:28
14.Clickin' With Claxby Shorty Rogers7:24
15.Twelfth Street Ragby Shorty Rogers4:49

Disk #3

1.Quicksilverby Horace Silver3:03
2.Horoscopeby Horace Silver3:50
3.Thou Swellby Horace Silver2:55
4.Safariby Horace Silver2:51
5.Ecarohby Horace Silver3:13
6.Prelude To A Kissby Horace Silver2:51
7.Yeahby Horace Silver2:50
8.I Remember Youby Horace Silver3:55
9.Knowledge Boxby Horace Silver2:50
10.Day In, Day Outby Horace Silver3:00
11.Opus De Funkby Horace Silver3:28
12.How About Youby Horace Silver3:44
13.Buhainaby Horace Silver3:07
14.Silverwareby Horace Silver2:35

Disk #4

1.Freewayby Chet Baker2:46
2.My Old Flameby Chet Baker3:13
3.Five Brothersby Chet Baker3:00
4.My Funny Valentineby Chet Baker5:17
5.Come Out Wherever You Areby Chet Baker5:29
6.What'S Newby Chet Baker3:43
7.Half Nelsonby Chet Baker5:44
8.All The Things You Areby Chet Baker2:55
9.Bea'S Flatby Chet Baker3:00
10.Moon Loveby Chet Baker3:17
11.Happy Little Sunbeamby Chet Baker2:42
12.Pro Defunctusby Chet Baker3:28
13.Moonlight Becomes Youby Chet Baker3:26
14.Bockhanalby Chet Baker2:58

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