This Is Acting (Target Edition) mp3 Album by Sia

This Is Acting (Target Edition)by Sia

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 53:59


1.Bird Set Free4:12
3.One Million Bullets4:12
4.Move Your Body4:07
6.Cheap Thrills3:32
8.House on Fire4:01
10.Sweet Design2:26
11.Broken Glass4:25
12.Space Between4:48
13.Fist Fighting a Sandstorm3:47
14.Summer Rain3:34
I never really understood Sia as an artist until I watched a video where she talked about her music, what it means to her, and her own personal story. This gave me a whole new persepective into the artist, and has me looking at her music differently. Understanding her struggles and her diagnosis gives a whole new meaning to her music for me at least.

Sia has always been a talented singer and artist to me, I'm debating talent here, but until I finally understood what she's all about, why she wears the wig, etc, it didn't really click for me.

This album is just another example of her talent and ability. My personal favorites are: "Cheap Thrills", "Bird Set Free".

Her music is just so interesting and filled with personal struggles, experiences, and emotion. I'd recommend her music to anyone who appreciates deep songs with deep meanings. This album is safe for children as well, as I haven't heard any questionable material that would make it unsafe. Great album!