Thunderdome: Past, Present, Future mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Thunderdome: Past, Present, Futureby Various Artists

  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:32:53


Disk #1

1.Intro Past, Present, Futureby 3 Steps Ahead2:19
2.Midnight Impactby Promo & Catscan4:48
3.Atmosfera (meets The Stunned Guys)by DJ Lancinhouse4:36
4.1 Beat 2 Heavenby DJ Dione4:37
5.Anticipationby The Masochist4:32
6.Big Bad Cityby Tellurian5:53
7.Into the Moonbeam (Arena mix)by The Horrorist3:39
8.Broaden Our Mindsby Promo4:22
9.I'm the Man (vs. Neophyte)by The Masochist5:50
10.Cloud 9by 3 Steps Ahead5:04
11.Let's Goby DJ Rob & The Future4:06
12.Counter Attackby Promo4:46
13.No Lawby The Headbanger5:12
14.Dieselwalzby Da Bulldozer Project3:52
15.Revolution 909 (vs. The Stunned Guys)by Neophyte3:55
16.Make Meby T-Wisted6:10
17.Number One Fanby Neophyte3:50

Disk #2

1.Forever (vs. The VInyl Junk)by Cixx4:09
2.Darkness & Brightnessby DJ Dione5:01
3.The Tunnel (vs. Neophyte)by The Masochist5:10
4.E-Shifterby E-Man5:16
5.Gameform (remix)by Joey Beltram3:50
6.Pannikby Speedy J6:06
7.Drug Invasionby Leviathan5:14
8.Dark Impulsesby DJ Waxweazle4:47
9.The Real Shit (Mad-E-Fact mix)by DJ Isaac & The Viper4:04
10.Don't Give a Shitby The Masochist5:12
11.Can You Hear the Soundby The Horrorist3:15
12.Reverse Gateby Lady Dana2:36
13.Nuclear Deviceby DJ Dione5:26
14.Brain Confusion (Buzz Fuzz mix) (meets The Stunned Guys)by DJ Lancinhouse4:09
15.Kick Some Shit (Lenny Dee & DJ Skinhead)by Omar Santana4:53
16.Outroby 3 Steps Ahead6:14