Thunderdome: The Best of '97 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Thunderdome: The Best of '97by Various Artists

  • 48 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:39:28


Disk #1

1.Brohymnby DJ Paul & Teenage Warning4:33
2.Cold as Stoneby Promo3:57
3.The Horrorby Rotterdam Terror Corps3:55
4.Hardcore Pumpingby Ku-Base3:45
5.I Am the Creator (Future mix)by Turbolenza5:15
6.OK, Allright (D-Boy '96 mix)by Digital Boy3:44
7.Start With an Eby DJ Waxweazle4:04
8.Bone Basticby Omar Santana4:16
9.Your Secret Fantasyby Illegal Alien3:48
10.Real Motherfuckersby DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse3:45
11.Back to the Top (vs. The VIper)by DJ Isaac3:20
12.Flesh Is the Feverby The Horrorist4:52
13.Tinaby DJ Asecone4:24
14.Megamix Introby Bass-D & King Matthew0:38
15.Megamixby Bass-D & King Matthew20:32
16.Megamix Outroby Bass-D & King Matthew0:21

Disk #2

1.Lords of the Hardschool (feat. MC Hughie Babe) (DJ Paul's Forze mix) (and DJ Rob)by DJ Paul4:03
2.The Powerby DJ Perpetrator4:59
3.Hardcore to da Bone (Masters of Ceremony Dope mix)by Masters of Ceremony3:53
4.None of Ya Leftby Neophyte4:13
5.No Happy Shitby Rotterdam Terror Corps3:43
6.You Shall Dieby Omar Santana3:48
7.Kill tha Noiseby Promo4:33
8.We're Gonna Blow Your Mindby Rotterdam Terror Corps3:42
9.Shut Up! (mix 1)by Promo3:43
10.Ex Lx Axby DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse3:21
11.Behind the Maskby DJ Sim3:52
12.The Kings Are Comingby O.G.s3:33
13.Dreamgirlby Buzz Fuzz2:51
14.Megamix Introby Bass-D & King Matthew0:55
15.Megamixby Bass-D & King Matthew19:08
16.Megamix Outroby Bass-D & King Matthew0:23

Disk #3

1.Hardcore Hijacked Meby Wayward4:16
2.Time to Get Upby Mister DJ3:35
3.Rock This Jointby Public Domain3:09
4.Thundergroundby The Dark Raver & DJ Vince3:13
5.Bring It Rawby Promo4:29
6.The Kamikazeby DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim4:45
7.Jealousy (Is a M.F.)by Buzz Fuzz4:31
8.Killerzby Promo3:50
9.Da Joint (Oh Oh Omar Santana remix)by The New York Terrorist4:14
10.Industrial Strength 'The Outro'by DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse4:26
11.Fuckin' Hostile '97by Rob Gee2:48
12.Fuck Happyby Buzz Fuzz4:03
13.Feel the Thunderby Promo4:24
14.Megamix Introby Bass-D & King Matthew0:59
15.Megamixby Bass-D & King Matthew20:38
16.Megamix Outroby Bass-D & King Matthew0:19