Thunderdome XXIII: Hardcore Rules the World mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Thunderdome XXIII: Hardcore Rules the Worldby Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:30:53


Disk #1

1.The Hustleby Mad-E-Fact3:53
2.What the Fuckby Promo3:57
3.Anybody Out Thereby Neophyte4:36
4.Bass Machineby E-Man3:33
5.MzKzMby The Masochist3:49
6.The 3 Worldsby Nosferatu3:52
7.Hardcore Drag (feat. MC Remsy)by Guitar Rob3:24
8.World Evacuatorby Marshall Masters3:39
9.Dancefloor Hardcoreby Promo3:48
10.King of the Beatsby Buzz Fuzz4:08
11.Hymnby The Stunned Guys3:51
12.Wanna Have Sex!by 3 Steps Ahead3:49
13.Face Down, Ass Upby DJ Isaac2:58
14.The Magic Wordsby E-Rick & Tactic4:16
15.SHEby The Stunned Guys4:05
16.What Do We Die Forby DJ Rob & The Future3:54
17.The Nightmaremanby The Headbanger4:24
18.Pump Me Whatby The Masochist3:45
19.The New Generationby Leviathan3:47
20.Bad Kickby D-Boy Bad Boys3:52

Disk #2

1.Emotions Over Angerby Promo3:59
2.Thrilseekaby The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul3:43
3.Jealousy (Is M.f.) (Neophyte remix)by Buzz Fuzz4:24
4.Vicious Circle (feat. DJ X-Ess)by Promo3:35
5.Won't Love 'emby The Masochist3:38
6.The Atacby DJ Dione4:11
7.The Powerpunchby Buzz Fuzz3:05
8.Wake Upby Rave Creator3:24
9.Loving You (The Stunned Guys mix)by TCP3:23
10.Hardcore Rules the Worldby E-Rick & Tactic4:12
11.The Arrival (feat. The Raven)by Don Diablo2:52
12.Bulldozer IIby Da Bulldozer Project4:04
13.Shiningby Miro3:52
14.He Is My DJby Da Tekno Warriors2:50
15.Something Wrongby THD4:10
16.Fosile (vs. The VInyl Junk)by Cixx3:58
17.Step in the Lightby Leviathan3:46
18.Mentalityby Unexist4:01
19.Cavernby Radium2:53
20.4 D. Fanaticsby MC Drokz & DJ Tails3:33