War of Kings (Special Edition) mp3 Album by Europe

War of Kings (Special Edition)by Europe

  • 29 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:17:17


1.War Of Kings4:36
2.Hole In My Pocket3:42
3.Second Day5:24
4.Praise You4:34
5.Nothin' To Ya3:55
6.California 4054:31
7.Days Of Rock n Roll3:05
8.Children Of The Mind4:31
9.Rainbow Bridge3:16
10.Angels (With Broken Hearts)5:19
11.Light Me Up6:10
12.Vasastan (Instrumental)5:11
13.War of Kings (Live at WACKEN 2015)4:49
14.Hole In My Pocket (Live at WACKEN 2015)3:51
15.Superstitious (Live at WACKEN 2015)5:48
16.Scream of Anger (Live at WACKEN 2015)4:36
17.Last Look At Eden (Live at WACKEN 2015)4:46
18.Second Day (Live at WACKEN 2015)4:51
19.Firebox (Live at WACKEN 2015)4:24
20.Sign of The Times (Live at WACKEN 2015)5:22
21.Praise You (Live at WACKEN 2015)4:44
22.The Beast (Live at WACKEN 2015)4:49
23.Ready or Not (Live at WACKEN 2015)4:44
24.Girl From Lebanon (Live at WACKEN 2015)4:54
25.Nothin' To Ya (Live at WACKEN 2015)3:49
26.Let The Good Times Rock (Live at WACKEN 2015)4:50
27.Rock The Night (Live at WACKEN 2015)6:50
28.Days of Rock N Roll (Live at WACKEN 2015)3:49
29.The Final Countdown (Live at WACKEN 2015)6:07