We Are Born mp3 Album by Sia

We Are Bornby Sia

  • 13 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 46:30


1.The Fight3:38
2.Clap Your Hands3:59
3.Stop Trying2:40
4.You'Ve Changed3:11
5.Be Good To Me3:57
6.Bring Night2:58
7.Hurting Me Now3:27
8.Never Gonna Leave Me3:34
10.I'M In Here3:41
11.The Co-Dependent2:55
12.Big Girl Little Girl4:18
13.Oh Father4:29
Paul Hardy
A great album, with tons of fun songs. Every song is amazing, and great to listen to. There is a bit of variety some songs slower, but mostly upbeat songs. Sia is such a unique artist, truly amazing voice. My favorite songs are Stop Trying, Never Gonna Leave Me, I'm In Here, and Be Good To Me.