We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together mp3 Album by Taylor Swift

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Togetherby Taylor Swift

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1.We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together3:13
Great song, but i can't help but think that i miss her older songs such as love story. They made her and it feels like she is changing her style to suit a modern audience. As a standalone song it is great, but i need more of Taylors originality and emotion! I connected with her older songs but not as much with this one
this is Taylor Swift's new single. it is a bit different, definetley more pop than country. however, i do like this song a lot. its catchy, and i love the guitar in it. the lyrics, like most Taylor Swift's songs, are incredibly relatable, and also a but funny. i also love how her voice sounds, especially when she sings "i used to think that we were forever, forever, and i used to say, never say never". i would have given this single 5 stars, but i like some of her older stuff a bit better, and because i wish there was a little bit more country in "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." overall, this is a great single, and i am looking forward to her upcoming album, "Red".