20 Years – Metal Addiction by Various Artists

20 Years – Metal Addiction

by Various Artists

  • 52 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:51:09


Disk #1

1.Thunderballby U.D.O.3:55
2.Reach Out For The Lightby Avantasia6:35
3.A New Dawnby Evergrey4:38
4.Spirit Never Dieby Masterplan5:29
5.Thunderspellby Doro4:41
6.Edge Of Steel (2016 Version)by Leaves' Eyes5:08
7.Ju Ju Boneby Danzig4:48
8.The Riffby Lordi3:47
9.Helloby Shakra4:18
10.Starlightby Iron Savior4:53
11.Moriaby Bloodbound5:42
12.Taserby Flotsam and Jetsam4:14
13.Double Tapby Ministry4:08
14.The Lostby A Life Divided3:48
15.Last Time In Neverlandby D-A-D3:54
16.Graveyard Cityby Voodoo Circle4:07
17.Too Wired To Sleepby Krokus2:44

Disk #2

1.Babylonby Edguy6:12
2.The Things We Believe Inby Orden Ogan5:07
3.Distant Skyby Rhapsody of Fire4:35
4.I Will Be Kingby Kissin' Dynamite4:11
5.Sealing My Fateby Serious Black4:31
6.Time To Dieby Jon Oliva's Pain4:26
7.(Empty) Tankardby Tankard5:03
8.The Loserby Elvenking5:01
9.Heart Of Darknessby Sinner4:45
10.Zeit Fur Rock'n'Rollby Ohrenfeindt3:26
11.How Much Can You Takeby Brainstorm4:17
12.Only Humanby At Vance5:16
13.Feindflugby Stahlmann3:33
14.Gravitational Lensingby Solution .454:57
15.Rat Warby Ektomorf2:07
16.Runawayby Graveworm2:57
17.Born For Warby Onslaught5:56

Disk #3

1.Right In Your Gutsby Herman Frank4:29
2.All For Metal (previously unreleased song)by Iron Mask3:59
3.Vier Finger fur ein Hallelujaby J.B.O.3:29
4.With A Grinby The New Black3:52
5.Veterans Of The Apocalypseby Thunderstone4:51
6.March Of Conquestby Suidakra3:54
7.Bestial Invasionby Destruction4:40
8.Call To Armsby Sinbreed3:42
9.Irresistible (Edit)by Manimal5:05
10.Sell Your Soul (previously unreleased song)by Eden's Curse4:20
11.Breathlessby Triosphere5:21
12.Into The Windby Circle II Circle4:21
13.The Chosen Oneby Borealis4:21
14.New Messiahby Fear Factory4:31
15.God Has Fallenby Mors Principium Est4:29
16.Steam Paves Its Wayby Pyogenesis3:40
17.Bruder Im Geisteby Tanzwut3:32
18.Hide And Seekby Theatre Of Tragedy5:24