Believe mp3 Album by Disturbed
  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 47:21


Disturbed is one of those bands that can really get the adrenaline flowing in the bloodstream. "Believe" is filled to the brim with fantastic guitar riffs supported by powerful percussion and tremendous vocals.

It's the type of stuff that will see you jumping around. Disturbed is one of those bands that you really had ought to go see live. It's absolute madness, and listening to their albums at least gives you a sneak peak of the energy that having them on a stage entails, while also giving you opportunity to study the lyrics (because, you know, you want to yell along with these lyrics and get completely lost in them.)

"Liberate" is the absolute standout track and probably the best song Disturbed have ever produced. It has seen many uses in modern pop culture after its popularisation through the Tony Hawk video games, and with good reason. It is simply a genuinely great tune that can drag you along like few others.

The only downside to "Believe" is that every song basically gets its melody and flow from the same tree; the songs sound quite similar. The lack of variety ultimately made me leave off a single star out of five for this album, but you'll have a great deal of great music to enjoy long before you start noticing the repetition (around the halfway point.) It's definitely worth getting, therefore.
Disturbed's "Believe" album was recorded in 2002, and is in my opinion, the best album they have. My goal is to get the whole album, and yours should be too. Disturbed has a semi-wide index of music, all in 5 albums. This is probably Disturbed's best album in my opinion and it gets 5 stars in general. You should get this badass album today.
I am just in love with what Disturbed writes. This isn't my favorite album, but it is absolutely fantastic! Just so many different riffs, sounds, and emotions, all of which music is truly about! I recommend the album "Asylum" to all Heavy-Metal fans, "Ten-Thousand-Fists" for the Industrial-Metal kind of sounds, "The Sickness" for people who love drums, "Indestructible" for that badass sound, and "Believe" for the softer Metal-Fans.
This album is definitely, not my most favorite album. It is really great though, just a little to soft at times for me. I gave this a 4-Star-Rating, because Disturbed is not only, so great at what they do, they just keep on enduring challenges. Just give this album a shot, and I hope you all think it is better and more of what the money is worth than me!