Beyond Magnetic mp3 Album by Metallica

Beyond Magneticby Metallica

  • 4 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 29:08


1.Hate Train6:58
2.Just a Bullet Away7:11
3.Hell and Back6:57
4.Rebel of Babylon8:02
I'm really starting to get into Metallica. There work is amazing. Really great stuff on here. This EP is great.I really like it and think it sounds great.
This 4-track EP should have definitely been put onto Metallica's Death Magnetic album! I think "Hell and Back" is better that most of the tracks from "Death Magnetic". I dig the raw sound of that album. This is more like the harder heavier Metallica stuff we've heard in the past - best song on the EP in opinion! The riff is killer - "straight to hell and back!". "Rebel of Babylon" is characteristic of the new post 2000+ albums. It has stops and goes that have you guessing what the true tempo of the song really is. "Kill me one more time..." exhibits the slower riff then immediately launches into a much faster riff "...babylon". Also, Kirk gets some solo time which has been lacking since earlier albums. Nice to see a former guitar player of the year doing some better soloing. "Just a Bullet Away" pounds and grinds like a mosh pit jam "suck on the barrel, suck on the barrel, suck on the barrel till it's dry...". By far the grooviest tune on "Beyond Magnetic". Again, this track should have made it to "Death Magnetic". "Hate Train" starts with a Kirk blazing solo and James riffing like mad - excellent jam to start the EP out on! Kirk also gets to blaze out towards the end over some awesomely-characteristic Hetfield riffing! This is well-worth the download for a metalheads alike and not just Metallica fans!!!