Dear Agony mp3 Album by Breaking Benjamin

Dear Agonyby Breaking Benjamin

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 42:01


1.Fade Away3:16
2.I Will Not Bow3:37
4.Give Me A Sign4:18
6.What Lies Beneath3:35
7.Anthem Of The Angels4:03
8.Lights Out3:34
9.Dear Agony4:18
10.Into The Nothing3:44
11.Without You4:17

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This album rocks! It is an instant classic! I highly recommend this album if you love ear splitting metal. Granted, some of the songs are a bit slow like "Anthem of the Angels". The best tracks on this album are, "Fade Away", "I Will Not Bow", "Into The Nothing", "Without You" and "What Lies Beneath". The album is very dark, but always tends to mellow out a bit. Enjoy!