Halestorm mp3 Album by Halestorm

Halestormby Halestorm

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 37:19


1.It's Not You2:55
2.I Get Off3:04
3.Bet U Wish U Had Me Back3:43
5.Familiar Taste Of Poison4:04
6.I'm Not An Angel3:15
7.What Were You Expecting?3:34
8.Love/hate Heartbreak3:19
9.Better Safe Than Sorry3:12
10.Dirty Work3:17
11.Nothing To Do With Love3:40
What got me to check out this band was a song that Lizzy Halestorm does with the band Shinedown called "Breaking Inside". This female can rock like Amy Lee from Evanesence and Pat Benatar! She is pretty good.

So, I check out "I Get Off" and still really good! This is worth checking out because there really aren't that many female rockers out there.
Halestorm is one of the few bands who have a female lead singer who, as this album demonstrates, can rock. This album is practically oozing with talent, and every song is good. Some songs are more pop, some somber rock, and some basically power anthems. No matter your mood, you can find a track that will appeal to you at any given moment.
More importantly, you'll almost certainly enjoy that track. Maybe you heard "Get Off" or "It's Not You" on the radio and wanted to check them out? Don't worry, you won't be disappointed by their other songs.