Halo mp3 Soundtrack by Martin O'Donnell
  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:06:31


1.Opening Suiteby Martin O'Donnell3:33
2.Truth And Reconciliation Suiteby Martin O'Donnell8:25
3.Brothers In Armsby Martin O'Donnell1:30
4.Enough Dead Heroesby Martin O'Donnell3:01
5.Perilous Journeyby Martin O'Donnell2:27
6.A Walk In The Woodsby Martin O'Donnell1:53
7.Ambient Wonderby Martin O'Donnell1:57
8.The Gun Pointed At The Head Of The Universeby Martin O'Donnell2:26
9.Trace Amountsby Martin O'Donnell1:51
10.Under Cover Of Nightby Martin O'Donnell3:41
11.What Once Was Lostby Martin O'Donnell1:41
12.Lament For Pvt. Jenkinsby Martin O'Donnell1:14
13.Devils... Monsters...by Martin O'Donnell1:31
14.Covenant Danceby Martin O'Donnell1:57
15.Alien Corridorsby Martin O'Donnell1:48
16.Rock Anthem For Saving The Worldby Martin O'Donnell1:18
17.The Mawby Martin O'Donnell1:07
18.Drumrunby Martin O'Donnell1:02
19.On A Pale Horseby Martin O'Donnell1:35
20.Perchance To Dreamby Martin O'Donnell1:01
21.Library Suiteby Martin O'Donnell6:47
22.The Long Runby Martin O'Donnell2:12
23.Suite Autumnby Martin O'Donnell4:22
24.Shadowsby Martin O'Donnell1:00
25.Dust And Echoesby Martin O'Donnell2:50
26.Haloby Martin O'Donnell4:22
Personally, I am a gamer. One of the biggest things that I look for while playing a game, to judge it, is the musical background. Some people, when asked what the best video game themes of all time are, respond with perhaps an old, original game, such as Pac-Man, Legend of Zelda, etc. If I were asked the same question, I think that this album could be a possible answer. To put it simply, any music by Martin O'Donnell (who did co-compose this album) is amazing. This, of course, is no exception. A legendary game needs a legendary soundtrack to back it, and I truly believe that Martin O'Donnell composed one of the most original and beautiful video game soundtracks ever when he wrote this. I would recommend the original Halo soundtrack, as well as any other game in the series' soundtrack, to anyone looking for a deep, very orchestral score. A true masterpiece.