Heavy mp3 Single by Linkin Park
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  • 2:50


1.Heavy (feat. Kiiara)2:50
This song by Linkin Park entitled "Heavy" is a synth heavy pop song that seems to break away of all their rock influences and channels their inner teenage voice. With a mostly female vocal lead by Kiiara and a sprinkle of vocals from Chester. This song makes me feel like I just graduated from high school and I'm not sure how I'm gonna be able to make time for all my friends that I've gathered on social media. There's not too much depth to this song. It doesn't inspire me on any emotional or creative level. My guess is that this song was made to get the female voice that's on the track some exposure for an album that she's working on with her producer. It shines much more true to Kiiara than Linkin Park in my opinion, in which they will probably plan to use as leverage somewhere down the road when they ask a record label for money. **
In and of itself, heavy is not a bad song. I just wish that another artists had performed it. I only say that because I am partial to Linkin Parks older albums. But that being said, if you take this as a stand alone track, it is fairly decent. I love the chord progression because it is driving and slightly emotional. The melody was good but I am glad that they brought Kiiara on because honestly without her it would have gotten bor in really quickly. I think this song was a better song for her than it was for Linkin Park. This isn't my favorite style of music but I definitely can see the appeal and it is well done as far as the style goes. It sounds like it will prob be a song that will get some radio play.