Hidden Treasures mp3 Album by Megadeth
  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 45:56


1.A Tout Le Monde4:29
2.Symphony Of Destruction (Demo)5:29
3.Architecture Of Aggression (Demo)2:50
4.New World Order (Demo)3:47
5.No More Mr. Nice Guy3:03
7.Go To Hell4:36
8.Angry Again3:48
9.99 Ways To Die3:59
I love Megadeth. This band almost never disappoints me! They always put out such amazing work and they have mae it to my number 1 favorite band over all the bands that I have heard. They are that great! Again, I love there music!!! Can't stop saying it! I love how they included some demos to some songs on here. I am always out looking for demos from the bands I listen to because I just love to hear demos.There great. Some of my favorite songs on here are "Angry Again" (Favorite song on here and also on the list of my favorite songs from Megadeth),"No More Mr.Nice Guy" (Amazing song too),"99 Ways to Die" & Lastly "Go To Hell" is another good favorite of mine on here. This album has a lot of really great songs on here. I'm loving this one. Amazing band. Amazing album. This DESERVES a FIVE star rating. I will be listening to this one for a long time I know that!!!