Kill 'em All mp3 Album by Metallica
  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 51:38


1.Hit The Lights4:19
2.The Four Horsemen7:13
4.Jump In The Fire4:46
5.(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth4:18
7.Phantom Lord5:02
8.No Remorse6:29
9.Seek And Destroy6:57
10.Metal Militia5:14
AgentDeth (part 2 of 2)
6. Whiplash

Whiplash is one of those songs that just fails to impress. It's like Motorbreath, not really bad but not really good. Out if these two songs, Motorbreath is the better one. This song had potential, but the bad failed to make it what it could have been.

7. Phantom Lord

Phantom Lord is a good song. While not perfect, it's still executed well, and has a unique vocal style to the rest if the album. It also has so e sweet guitar solos, making it a song defiantly worth listening to. And, like The Four Horsemen, has. Slowed down middle section.

8. No Remorse

No Remorse is another nice thrash song. It has a really cool chorus, not my favorite on the Album but still cool. The main riff really screams "METALLICA", making it an overlooked gem of Metallica's songbook.

9. Seek and Destroy

If there's anyone out there that doesn't know this song, I'm going to be shocked. This song is not only one of Metallica's most popular and iconic songs, it's just a popular song in general. Seek and Destroy has been played during every Metallica tour ever, and is a trademark metal song in general. It's main riff is just plain awesome, and the lyrics make you just want to sing along with it. To me, this is the best so g off this album, and one of the best Metallica songs altogether. If you were to only have one song from Kill Em All, this is it.

10. Metal Militia

The last song off this album, Metal Militia, I've never been a real fan of. Sure, it's a good headbanger so g, but it's just too fast in my opinion, and not really catchy.

Overall, Kill Em All is a pretty good album.
AgentDeth (part 1 of 2)
Metallica's debut album, "Kill Em All" is a milestone in the creation if thrash metal (helping bring fast drumming and aggressive vocals into the world of mainstream metal). This is also the beginning of one of the biggest bands in the world, who would later go on to become the 4th best selling music artist in the world, selling 53 million albums in the US alone, and get 9 Grammy nominations. This album, the creative genius of James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Cliff Burton would become the future of heavy metal.

1. Hit the Lights
Honestly, I think there is no better way they could have started off this album. This song goes right into what Metallica is all about: mind blowing metal. Hetfield's vocals are aggressive ("thrashy" if you must), and Hammetts guitar fits the song perfectly. There's a reason they still play this song live at all there shows. It's an example of what can happen if 4 talented young musicians get together and kick ass!

2. The Four Horsemen

There's only one thing wrong with this song. And that's they dont play it live. If Hit The Lights is the popular song off this album, then The Four Horsemen is the underrated masterpiece. The song has (in my opinion) even better riffs the the previous track, and even has a slowed down section in the middle. To me, this middle piece was a preview of what's to come for Metallica. It reminded me of Apocalica (the slower section from Master of Puppets), or the middle of Creeping Death. Of all the songs on this album, this defiantly has to be in my top 3 favorites.

3. Motorbreath

Motorbreath... Is just an average song. It's not bad, but at the same time, it's not particularly good. It's just average. To me it's also quite repetitive, but that isn't a real bad issue here (at least it ain't St. Anger repetitive), but it's still not a very good track, and there's really not much else I can say about it.

4. Jump in the Fire

Jump in the Fire is another song many Metallica fans should be familiar with, even if you don't own this album it's still a notable Metallica song in general. It has a really cool chorus, and some sweet guitar pieces to accompany it. On top of that, there's a face melting guitar solo, followed by yet more of that epic chorus. I wish they played this more live, it's really a great song.

5. Pulling Teeth

If there's one song off this album I didn't like at all, it would be this one hands down. The first two thirds or so is a very low quality recording of Cliff Burton playing bass. This could have been really a cool little instrumental if the final recording didn't sound like it came from a crappy cell phone. The last minute is a normal HD recording of the entire band playing, which is ok, but still I don't like this song at all
Metallica's very first studio album.This is the one that started it all.This album contains a skull-crushing, bone-breaking, faster-than-the-speed-of-freakin'-light (as I have started to call it),thrash metal debut in it's contents. This is the album,yes this one right here,is the one your mother warned you about. This album will cause an uncontrollable fit of energy throughout the album, uncontrollable headbanging as well.

What makes this amazing album such a metal classic you may ask? Could it be the hard pounding drums and rythyms on here? The cool album cover? The shredding and amazing solos and riffs on this one? A 20-year-old James Hetfield's harsh, not so pretty sounding but still great vocals? Well,I would have to say yes, of course, but one thing that does make this album even better (although Master Of Puppets is another amazing one as well): back when Metallica recorded this album, Metallica was just a group of regular guys playing some instruments.They were just four lucky fans who got together, to played their hearts out, and also had the time of their lives doing it. (One thing to check out is the picture of James Hetfield on the insert of the cd if you get it or can find some way to see the picture- he actually had acne there!) and you can really feel the energy coming from this album here.

So anyway, if you do not have this classic album right here, see to it that you get it added to your collection as soon as poosible (along with other albums from Metallica such as Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets, and, check out and if you like it,get the self titled album "Metallica",which is most commonly refered to as "The Black Album" and also ...And Justice For All as well). I have to say that there aren't really any standout tracks on this one because they ALL rock out really hard (at least they do in my opinion) and are all very amazing songs. Soall in all as I say,Amazing classic album right here. Amazing band. I will give this one a good five stars.
Doing some research on this album I found out that they had a different title for this album. The original name was supposed to be Metal Up Your A** .The album art included a picture of a toilet with a hand holding a dagger emerginging from the toilet.But they were not able to keep the title and album art so they were asked to change it.They then obviously switched the title to kill em all and the album art shows a shadow of somebodies hand droping a bloody hammer.The title kill em all came from the band talking about a situation from some record distributors. That was there response to the situation that was going on. I know I might be stating something that every Metallica fan might know already and it's probably obvious stuff here but I am stating this for new Metallica fans that don't know or Metallica fans in general that just don't know about the album and just listen to the music from it.It's always good to know a little about the album that you are listening to.This album rocks! It's nice and heavy! I really enjoy listening to it. I didn't want to at first because of the album title but I did my research on it and I know why they named it what they named it now and I'm not as bothered by it. I wish they would have been able to keep the original name of the album but hey that's not in my control.Anyways. Now I don't like every single song on this album but there are a lot of really good songs on here that i really do like to listen to and enjoy listening to!.I haven't been a Metallica fan for very long but I have been for a small amount of time and still have lots more to check out by them.
After kicking out Dave Mustaine from the band, Metallica released their debut album, Kill 'Em All. It is an excellent thrash album that, although studio quality is weaker than other albums (slightly), it proves to be an overall great thrash album. It is a must for any metal fan.
Hit the Lights: The first song Metallica ever wrote. Even for a first song, it kicks ass in every right. 15/10
The Four Horsemen: Rerecorded and rewritten from the demo song Mechanix. Excellent song with a cool bridge section. 10/10
Motorbreath: Sweet speed metal song with catchy, yet epic, riffs. 15/10
Jump in the Fire: Great thrash song with more complex riffs. Mustaine did an excellent job with this song. 15/10
(Anesthesia)--Pulling Teeth: Bass solo by Cliff Burton. Makes it indistinguishable from an electric guitar, except for the added distortion. 15/10
Whiplash: Feedback from Cliff's bass goes right into this song. Best song on the album, thrashy in every right. 20/10
Phantom Lord: As great as Whiplash, but faster. 20/10
No Remorse: Great thrash song with Black Sabbath influences seeping from it. 17/10
Seek & Destroy: Although overrated, a very good song. It is given too much credit on the album, though. 9/10
Metal Militia: Speed metal like crazy. Great way to finish the album, with great technicality involved. 15/10