Master of Puppets mp3 Album by Metallica

Master of Puppetsby Metallica

  • 8 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 55:04


2.Master Of Puppets8:38
3.The Thing That Should Not Be6:39
4.Welcome Home (Sanitarium)6:31
5.Disposable Heroes8:19
6.Leper Messiah5:43
7.Orion [Instrumental]8:28
8.Damage, Inc.5:33
Metallica's best album and some of the finest thrash metal to have ever surfaced in America.

Metallica at full throttle but with some real grit between the teeth, this album tells the stories of pain, suffering, control, fear, power, and provide the soundtrack to many festival memories.

One of the few albums, along with Appetite for Destruction and Vulgar Display of Power, which is all killer, no filler.

Damage Inc., Battery, Disposable Heroes, Orion... a huge, huge album. Also, the last to feature the bass wizardry of the late Cliff Burton. Beautiful chaos.

RIP Cliff.
This is my favorite Metallica album, and I think that this might be as good as it gets. All the tracks are masterpieces, but I think that Master of Puppets, Welcome Home and Disposable Heroes are best.

Metallica! My favorite band!!! They are amazing. I just bought this album and I already love it.There sound...It's amazing.Master of Puppets was realeased on March 3,1986.It reached number 29 on the billboard 200 and the album sold over 500,000 copies.The album went Six times platinum in the US,Five times platinum in Canada,One time platinum in Australia and 1 time platinum in Finland. The lyrics in Master of Puppets have to do with drug addiction and what it can do to you. Just in case some people wanted to know that didn't know what it meant. I'm sure there are people that knew but I just thought I'd Ment ion what it was about in this review.The information in this review is based on my research.Anyways. Great album. AMAZING BAND! 5 Stars
After huge success with Ride the Lightning, Metallica was signed to Electa Records. Because they were signed to the major record label, they got to work on a third album two years later, named "Master of Puppets."

Battery: Same as Fight Fire with Fire from the previous album. Starts out with an acoustic intro, but rather than fading into the death metal-style riff, it has an electric intoro after the acoustic part, and then goes into the riff. Awesome song. 25/10

Master of Puppets: The most famous song on the album. Awesome riffs, nice long bridge section, and a great solo from James Hetfield. 15/10

The Thing That Should Not Be: This is my gripe with the album. It's too slow, too much clean guitar, and uses a crappy Drop-D riff. 5/10

Welcome Home (Sanitarium): Although a slower ballad than Fade to Black, the flow of riffs couldn't be better. 10/10

Disposable Heroes: A very underrated song. Uses awesome riffs, Metallica's most kickass and epic solo ever written (in my opinion, of course), and a very complex and well written bridge section. 20/10

Leper Messiah: Another great underrated song. Can compare to Escape from Ride the Lightning, as the song structures are about the same, except for an awesome ending. 11/10

Orion: Nowhere near as good as The Call of Ktulu, but only because of the different moods of the songs. Orion is more atmospheric, especially at the bridge section. 10/10

Damage, Inc.: The thrashiest and fastest song on the album. The intro kicks so much ass that it should have started Master of Puppets rather than Battery. 21/10
Metallica's Master of Puppets album has Metallica's most famous song, Master of Puppets. I recommend this album to anybody who likes Metallica, then you will understand why people like them so much.