Ride the Lightning mp3 Album by Metallica
  • 8 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 47:41


1.Fight Fire With Fire4:47
2.Ride The Lightning6:38
3.For Whom The Bell Tolls5:14
4.Fade To Black6:58
5.Trapped Under Ice4:05
7.Creeping Death6:38
8.The Call Of Ktulu8:54
After giving some time to listen to this album along with other albums as well for me to be able to say something like this,I must say that "Ride the Lightning" has to be one of the best metal albums of all time. The songs are amazing,the song writing is on a whole other level than what I have heard before, and also the lead guitar work is wonderful. Great album. One of my favorite albums by Metallica and also one of my favorites out of all of the albums that I listen to. I love this one a lot
After Kill 'Em All, Metallica, with Megaforce Records, recorded, in my opinion, the absolute best Metallica album ever released. Each individual song is completely different, and creates an awesome album. It is blended together so well that it flows better than any other album ever written. It overall kicks so much ass, and I highly recommend it to any metal fan. If you are looking into Metallica, start here.

Fight Fire with Fire: An epic song that starts out with classical guitars as an into. That then fades into a brutal death metal riff, creating a very fast paced song. 20/10

Ride the Lightning: A nuclear explosion from the end of Fight Fire with Fire fades right into the next epic song, Ride the Lightning. It is the thrashiest song on the album. 15/10

For Whom the Bell Tolls: The most famous song on the album. Thrashy and awesome. My only gripe: no actual guitar solos, but a couple of riffs played by Kirk Hammett. (Just as a fun fact: the bell tolling is used every time the Chicago Bears get a touchdown. Metallica sampled it here.) 9/10

Fade to Black: Metallica's first ballad. Begins with acoustic intro, but builds up gradually. 10/10

Trapped Under Ice: A speed metal song that is overall awesome. However, the solos have too much wah pedal. 10/10

Escape: Underrated thrash song with awesome lyrics. 11/10

Creeping Death: Awesome thrash piece, the second most famous song on the album. Used great flow of riffs. 10/10

The Call of Ktulu: The most epic song on the album. Simply put, a killer thrash instrumental. 25/10
Ohhh... Ride the Lightning. This is probably my most favorite album, just because of the song Ride the Lightning, an Epic song of Epic Metal... I will recommend this album to any metal fan, hell, any music fan.