Masters of Hardcore, Chapter IX: Thebeatingheartoftheunderground mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Masters of Hardcore, Chapter IX: Thebeatingheartoftheundergroundby Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:25:37


Disk #1

1.Survivors of Hardcore (vs. Bass-D & King Matthew)by DJ J.D.A.5:23
2.Hey! (The VIper & Mad-E-Fact remix)by Tony Salmonelli4:25
3.Criminally Insaneby Angerfist4:00
4.Hell No! (and Neophyte)by The Masochist4:03
5.Kiss (DJ Promo remix)by Noize Suppressor3:51
6.Here It Comes (feat. The VIper)by G-Town Madness4:08
7.Strictly the MF Coreby Weapon X4:10
8.Alleluja Motherfuckers (vs. Nico E Tetta)by Art of Fighters3:52
9.Secret Valleyby Catscan3:56
10.We Are (Like I Told Ya) (vs. Impulse Factory)by The Masochist3:48
11.Syskwahorby Enzyme X3:32
12.Wack Ass MF'sby Endonyx4:07
13.The X-Zoneby Kid Morbid3:38
14.Communication (Catscan remix)by DJ Outblast4:01
15.Frequencies (T-Wisted remix)by Buzz Fuzz4:31
16.Fuck Offby Angerfist3:42
17.Fuck This Track Upby Tommyknocker4:13
18.Who Wanna Fuck?by Reactor3:42

Disk #2

1.Buck 'em Down (feat. The VIper)by G-Town Madness4:03
2.Eargazmby DJ Outblast3:57
3.Demons (DJ Promo remix)by G-Shock4:00
4.Son of a Bitchby Menace II Society4:38
5.Respect the Cock (DJ Paul remix) (feat. Pino d'Ambini)by T-Wisted3:48
6.Kick Azz (and Miss Flower)by The Masochist4:06
7.Is Anybody Out There (Buzz Fuzz remix)by The Raven4:34
8.My Style From the Darksideby Angerfist4:07
9.The Darkby Enzyme X3:56
10.Release 4.0by Art of Fighters4:07
11.To the Beats (vs. DJ Panic)by DJ Paul3:49
12.Da Mad Dog Styleby DJ Mad Dog3:45
13.Fuck You Bitchby The Masochist4:04
14.Compose the Beatby Weapon X3:38
15.Keep It Alive (and K-Pax)by DJ Or-Beat4:04
16.Oh Godby DJ Dione3:45
17.Let the Beat Dropby DJ Overdrive4:22
18.The Aftermathby Tommyknocker3:52