Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XIV: The Evilution of Abandoned Souls mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XIV: The Evilution of Abandoned Soulsby Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:27:50


Disk #1

1.Fuck Them Allby Bass-D & King Matthew4:48
2.Intellectual Killer (Nosferatu & Endymion remix)by The Viper4:56
3.Drum 'N Bass (meets The Stunned Guys)by DJ Lancinhouse3:42
4.Be 4 Real Digicoder (vs. Outblast)by Digital Boy4:24
5.Sinapse (Shadow mix)by Meccano Twins4:16
6.Pain Till I Dieby DJ Dione3:58
7.Bonified Alkoholik Muzik Making Muthafuckaby Angerfist4:09
8.Hard Raggeby DJ J.D.A.4:26
9.Wild (and DJ D)by Endymion4:31
10.The Hardestby T-Factor3:31
11.We're Gonna Get Youby Evil Activities3:59
12.Toch Welleuk (and Catscan)by Promo4:01
13.Nuclear Hardcore (Re-Style remix)by Bass-D & King Matthew4:07
14.Strike (Outblast remix)by The Headbanger3:56
15.Forever (vs. Division X)by Re-Style4:04
16.Be Unforgettable (Korsakoff remix)by Catscan4:06
17.My Destinyby Dr. Z-Vago3:31
18.I Became Hardcore (vs. Nico E Tetta)by Art of Fighters3:24

Disk #2

1.So (Stunned Guys remix)by The Nightraver4:36
2.Pussy Motherfuckerzby Endymion3:26
3.Stampgevaar (and Catscan)by Outblast3:23
4.Mastah of Shockby Tha Playah3:35
5.Ruffneck (Nosferatu remix)by Wedlock4:59
6.Break Society Downby Angerfist4:46
7.Industry in Envyby Bass-D & King Matthew4:05
8.Dorm of the Future (Catscan remix)by Slavefriese3:36
9.C'Mon Y'Allby Re-Style3:55
10.Phaseshiftby Ophidian3:48
11.Stay Focused (The VIper remix) (vs. Endymion)by Nosferatu4:54
12.Man of Steelby T-Factor4:14
13.Wonderbra (vs. The Stunned Guys)by Neophyte4:13
14.666 I'm Six 'O Sickby Omar Santana4:11
15.Blast FMby DJ Outblast3:58
16.Under Destructionby Meccano Twins3:48
17.Face Down, Ass Up (feat. MC Rage)by Digital Boy4:10
18.Coppersby DJ Voldo4:24