Masters of Hardcore, Chapter X: Theundergroundsagacontinues... mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Masters of Hardcore, Chapter X: Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:25:53


Disk #1

1.Escape From the Hostileby Promo4:10
2.No Escape From My Wrathby Kid Morbid4:12
3.Bombing Eardrums (and DJ Paul)by The Stunned Guys4:55
4.Stay Focused (vs. Endymion)by Nosferatu4:15
5.Bulletproofby The Viper4:03
6.End of Line (Endymion remix)by Meagashira4:06
7.Neighbourhood Crimeby Bodylotion4:23
8.Like a Shot (DJ J.D.A. remix)by System 33:09
9.Fear of Othersby Menace II Society4:39
10.Blessed by Kaosby Armageddon Project3:25
11.Nation of Domination (vs. The Stunned Guys)by Neophyte4:06
12.Flying Highby Dr. Z-Vago4:06
13.How Much Can You Take (Catscan remix)by Bodylotion3:42
14.Fucking War (and K-Pax)by DJ Or-Beat3:50
15.Snertjongby Re-Style3:33
16.Anger Is Easyby Illmat!c4:18
17.Cannibalby Angerfist3:33
18.Nonshlen Tustokken (Neophyte remix)by Rob Gee5:00

Disk #2

1.Loud & Proud (vs. Neophyte)by The Masochist4:54
2.Turn Aroundby Damage Inc.4:27
3.Wanna Freak Youby Bodylotion4:03
4.Rock My World (Bass-D & King Matthew remix)by Impulse Factory4:12
5.DJ Killaby Meagashira2:55
6.Before Your Eyes (and Endymion)by Evil Activities3:51
7.Juno Freaksby Core Pusher4:09
8.Raven Was Called Sinby The Headbanger4:00
9.Make Your Danceby Bodylotion3:50
10.There Is No Other (vs. The Stunned Guys)by Neophyte4:06
11.Murphys Law (Outblast XTC remix)by Buzz Fuzz4:45
12.This Shit Is My Lifeby Gif Phobia3:27
13.Broken Rules (vs. Endymion)by Nosferatu4:14
14.Gabber Mafiaby Gabber Mafia3:39
15.Within the Darknessby Angerfist4:10
16.Chocolate Milkby Kid Morbid3:54
17.Always a Jellyheadby Bodylotion4:21
18.Unleash Hellby Rotterdam Terror Corps3:31