Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XIII: The Reincarnation of Forbidden Sounds mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XIII: The Reincarnation of Forbidden Soundsby Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:27:45


Disk #1

1.The Reincarnation of Forbidden Soundsby The Masochist4:50
2.Stab Your Brain (Omar Santana & DJ Anas remix)by Omar Santana3:48
3.Maniac Killaby Angerfist4:44
4.Fuck What U Heardby DJ Outblast3:48
5.State of Emergency (vs. Chaosphere)by Evil Activities3:54
6.Weird Shitby Tha Playah3:57
7.My Empty Bottleby Korsakoff3:52
8.This Is Real Hardcoreby DJ Neophyte4:12
9.Boom! (vs. Division X)by Re-Style4:04
10.Raving Nightmare (Psycho Trauma) (T-factor remix) (feat. MC VIolence)by Impulse Factory3:57
11.Hard Mixtureby DJ Anas3:57
12.East Coast West Coast (and The Reactor)by Randy3:58
13.Fuck The Past (vs. The Outliner)by Mir3:41
14.Delicious Words (DJ Macho & Bestial Kick remix)by B 7473:51
15.Time 2 B Loud (Korsakoff remix)by Catscan4:05
16.Alkoholikby Menace II Society5:21
17.Drunk With a Gun (vs. Endymion)by Nosferatu3:46
18.Rage (DJ J.D.A. remix) (feat. MC Ruffian)by DJ Paul Elstak4:03

Disk #2

1.Showtimeby Tommyknocker4:15
2.Statement of Powerby Promo4:12
3.Everybody on Ecstasyby Robert Friese3:47
4.Schoom!by The Masochist4:09
5.The Path to Hellby Menace II Society3:38
6.The Exterminators (vs. DJ Delirium)by The Headbanger3:53
7.Tha Bounceby Tha Playah4:35
8.Time to Play (meets Outblast)by D-Spirit4:06
9.Back in the House (vs. Chaosphere)by Evil Activities4:05
10.Necroslaveby Angerfist4:09
11.Hustlers & Hardcoreby Re-Style4:08
12.Smash the Wallsby DJ Sabotage4:12
13.About Timeby The Depudee4:01
14.Men of Honourby Endonyx4:15
15.I Wanna Have Funby B 7474:03
16.Unnamedby DJ D4:20
17.Ariseby Lord Hostile4:39
18.Pain and Pleasureby E-Noid3:30