Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XII: Thedominatorsofpureunderground mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XII: Thedominatorsofpureundergroundby Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:27:37


Disk #1

1.Shout (meets The Stunned Guys)by Lancinhouse4:25
2.Back Onlineby DJ Outblast4:07
3.Bring da Noiseby Noize Suppressor3:54
4.Journey of Force (vocal mix)by The DJ Producer3:54
5.Danger (vs. DJ Delirium)by The Headbanger4:00
6.Earthquakeby Art of Fighters4:07
7.Live Foreverby Scott Brown4:04
8.The Sound of the Recordby Meagashira3:55
9.Let's Get Hectikby Dre Hectik4:09
10.You Bring Out the Hate in Me (DJ Bike remix)by MC Rage4:08
11.Slow Me Downby The Stunned Guys4:03
12.Killerfistby Angerfist4:31
13.The Spiritby D-Spirit3:54
14.Know Your Enemyby Masters of Ceremony4:28
15.Let da Bassby Noize Suppressor3:45
16.Messin With Yo Mindby Promo3:51
17.Punishment Beyond Death (and D'Spyre)by Knightvision4:22
18.Seiko Groupie (and DJ Outblast)by Dr. Z-Vago4:18

Disk #2

1.Muil houwe!by Neophyte4:40
2.Dark Impulsesby The Headbanger4:13
3.Whatz Yo Nameby Weapon X4:33
4.Lost in Musicby Meagashira4:06
5.Audiocrime (meets The Stunned Guys)by Lancinhouse3:48
6.Blood & Sweatby Division X3:59
7.Fuck Yoby Noize Suppressor4:05
8.The Numberby Angerfist4:13
9.Bitcrusherby Art of Fighters3:51
10.Hey Motherfuckers (Angerfist remix)by DJ Outblast4:06
11.The Bone Breakerby Dr. Z-Vago4:05
12.Highway to Hellby E-Noid3:48
13.Blow Ya to Piecesby Scott Brown4:00
14.The Drummer & The Dancerby The Stunned Guys4:14
15.Ik haat je! (A Message to the Major Asshole)by DJ Paul Elstak4:11
16.Speed Cultby Kid Morbid3:46
17.Gangboy (vs. Endymion)by Noize Suppressor4:06
18.Psychiatric Ass (vs. Ophidian)by Nosferatu3:58