Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XVII: Unleash the Beast mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XVII: Unleash the Beastby Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:27:58


Disk #1

1.Unleash the Beast (The Official Masters of Hardcore 2004 Anthem) (vs. Korsakoff)by DJ Outblast5:21
2.Raise Your Fistby Angerfist4:23
3.Rockby Guyz of D Hell4:15
4.Mistakeby Art of Fighters3:43
5.Conscious World (Negative A remix)by Dark Controller4:00
6.Relytserby Re-Style3:57
7.Psycho Shit (vs. DJ Delirium)by The Headbanger4:06
8.Fucking Fake Wannabeezby True Vandals4:12
9.I'm a Killahby Nuclear Device3:50
10.50 Years in San Quentinby Kid Morbid4:15
11.Mixdown Hall of Fameby Serial Killaz3:55
12.Underground, My Soundby Dr. Z-Vago3:58
13.One of These Days (and Evil Activities)by DJ Neophyte4:03
14.U Bitch Pay My Rent?by Ill-Matic3:44
15.Cameltoeby DJ Nosferatu4:02
16.Silence Is Loudby DJ Dione4:03
17.Ultra Rebelby Angerfist4:29
18.MF Come in Hereby Matt Green3:50

Disk #2

1.You Will Surviveby The Stunned Guys4:26
2.Black 04 (The Hardest State of Emergency) (feat. Drokz)by DJ Outblast3:12
3.Survivors of Hardcore (Art of Fighters remix) (feat. Bass-D & King Matthew)by DJ J.D.A.4:33
4.Compulsory Darknessby Division X3:58
5.Powerraveby Korsakoff4:09
6.Self Analysis (The Outside Agency remix)by The Enticer4:11
7.Beat Is Rockingby DJ D4:11
8.No Imitationsby Re-Style3:55
9.En Qontrol (8488 mix)by Angels of Darkness4:20
10.Arpby Catscan4:08
11.Too Weird to Dieby Angerfist4:33
12.Here Comes the Prozac (vs. DJ Dione)by DJ Paul Elstak4:10
13.Game Don't Stopby Art of Fighters4:24
14.Underworldby Bass-D3:50
15.Thunderground (Noize Suppressor 2004 remix) (feat. DJ VInce)by The Dark Raver3:24
16.Mindfuck (feat. MC D-Lux)by Digital Boy4:37
17.The Senseby Liquid Blast3:49
18.Shut Your Mouthby The Destroyer4:02