Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XXV: The Warrior Elite mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XXV: The Warrior Eliteby Various Artists

  • 68 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:33:47


Disk #1

1.Infinity (Masters of Hardcore 2008 Anthem)by DJ Outblast6:02
2.Deathlineby D-Saster4:52
3.Birthby Korsakoff3:57
4.Bang Your Head (Placid K remix)by Shadowlands Terrorists3:59
5.Headbangers Theme (Evil Activities remix) (feat. Alee & Ruffian)by Headbanger4:23
6.Bad Beatby Catscan3:57
7.187 (feat. Predator)by Angerfist3:50
8.Worldwide Crisisby Amnesys3:35
9.Chronicles (feat. MC Mouth of Madness)by Noize Suppressor3:41
10.Push Up the Level to the Red Light Maxby Tieum3:22
11.Deadly Sinby Ritchie Gambino3:42
12.The Signal (D-Passion remix)by The DJ Producer3:32
13.Soul of a Warrior (and Rudeboy)by Tomcat4:20
14.Adapt or Dieby Masters of Ceremony4:12
15.Drop It (Tommyknocker & Stunned Guys remix)by 3 Steps Ahead4:37
16.Planet 174by Akira4:04
17.The Switch (and Angerfist)by Predator3:53
18.Bounce the Classical Wayby Drokz4:02

Disk #2

1.XTC Love (Promo remix)by Bertocucci Feranzano4:43
2.Nobody Said It Was Easyby Evil Activities4:29
3.Unrivalledby Korsakoff4:07
4.Dance on the Flowby Noize Suppressor4:13
5.Self Madeby D-Passion3:59
6.Gas Met Die Zooi (Tha Playah remix)by Denekamps Gespuis4:09
7.Here Comes the Painby Vince4:24
8.Busted Choir (Wishmaster remix)by Re-Style3:58
9.Blaze It Up (OFTM mix)by DNME4:01
10.Hymn (Amnesys remix)by The Stunned Guys4:04
11.Still Doing My Thingby Tieum3:16
12.Dissonant Poetry (VIP edit by Ruffneck & Ophidian)by Enzyme X4:07
13.Make It Real Hardby Negative A4:05
14.No Ideas Originalby D-Spirit3:43
15.Broken Chain (Mad Dog remix)by Angerfist3:35
16.Artwork (Playah remix)by Art of Fighters4:35
17.Working Programby Korsakoff4:03
18.Ekses Die Naaitby DJ Outblast4:43

Disk #3

1.Intro (and Predator)by Nosferatu1:06
2.Let's get it on (and Endymion)by Art of Fighters3:24
3.Headbangers theme (Evil activities rmx)by Headbanger3:57
4.Do or dieby Art of Fighters3:45
5.Blow da club downby DJ Viper4:05
6.So many sacrifices (and Ruffneck)by Ophidian3:45
7.Demon pitby Predator3:02
8.Cradle to grave (Original mix) (and Nosferatu)by Evil Activities4:00
9.Drunk with a gun (and Enymion)by Nosferatu4:19
10.The switch (vs. Angerfist)by Predator1:52
11.Funky talesby Cybermators2:46
12.Psychiatric ass (and Ophidian)by Nosferatu3:23
13.Introby Masters Elite1:24
14.Dominator (Outblast & Angerfist rmx)by Human Resource1:33
15.Take you backby Angerfist0:35
16.Zooby Base Alert2:02
17.Atmos-fear (Catscan rmx)by Rave Creator0:35
18.WO IIIby Catscan1:19
19.My lifestyleby Outblast1:07
20.How much can you take (Catscan rmx)by Bodylotion0:58
21.Broken chainby Angerfist1:56
22.Unleash the beast (andKorsakoff)by Outblast0:52
23.Toch welleuk (and Catscan)by Promo1:15
24.Raise your fistby Angerfist0:53
25.Chronic counter (vs. Angerfist)by Catscan2:17
26.TNT (and Rudeboy feat. Angerfist)by Tomcat1:45
27.Alles kut enter (and Rudeboy feat. Angerfist)by Tomcat1:10
28.Electroshockingby Outblast1:10
29.Midnight impact (feat. Catscan)by Promo1:33
30.Alkoholik maniacby Menace II Society0:58
31.Fly by wire (Catscan rmx)by Alkaline 3DH0:41
32.Masters symphonyby Outblast2:06