Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XXXIII: The Vortex of Change mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Masters of Hardcore, Chapter XXXIII: The Vortex of Changeby Various Artists

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:35:19


Disk #1

1.The Vortex of Vengeance (Official Masters of Hardcore Anthem)by State of Emergency5:26
2.Omnipotence (and Re-Style)by Outblast4:01
3.Rattlebrain (Korsakoff remix)by Razzle Dazzle Trax4:22
4.Beast Wars (and Counterfeit)by Negative A4:31
5.Hit You Upby Re-Style3:57
6.Raise Your Fist Again (feat. Mouth of Madness)by Angerfist4:15
7.Keep the VIbes Alive (Korsakoff remix)by Re-Style4:36
8.Choose Your Enemyby Hellsystem4:17
9.Blood Cycle (and Predator)by Dyprax4:16
10.Bloody Handby Javi Boss4:34
11.Crucifyby Rayden4:03
12.Take offby Tomcat3:57
13.Mirrors (and Counterfeit)by Negative A3:56
14.Unite (and Day-mar)by Drokz4:14
15.Testifyby I:Gor4:29
16.Unforgettableby Miss K83:55
17.Retaliateby Angerfist4:13
18.Be Yourself (and Drokz)by Outblast4:45

Disk #2

1.Superhero Complexby DJ Outblast4:38
2.The Message (and Endymion feat. MC Ruffian)by Nosferatu4:10
3.Purified by Painby Meagashira4:36
4.Nightwalker (and T-Junction)by Dyprax4:44
5.Revisitingby Angeldust3:57
6.Perfect Furyby Angerfist4:23
7.Against All Odds (and Rudeboy)by Accelarator4:07
8.Wake of Libertyby Catscan4:56
9.Crossed the Line (feat. MC tha Watcher)by Counterfeit4:42
10.Bite Yo Style (Dyprax remix)by Angerfist4:17
11.Give Ya House (T-Junction & Rudeboy remix)by Re-Style4:06
12.Oblivionby Decipher & Shinra4:12
13.Assault (and Radium)by Angerfist4:01
14.The Vortex of Vengeance (Negative A & Counterfeit remix)by State of Emergency4:37
15.Bloodrush (and Miss K8)by Angerfist4:04
16.On a Mission (feat. Scrapeface)by Partyraiser4:17
17.Fakaby Javi Boss3:44
18.Trust No One (and Day-mar)by Drokz4:01