My Winter Storm (Extended Edition) mp3 Album by Tarja

My Winter Storm (Extended Edition)by Tarja

  • 32 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:06:41


Disk #1

1.Ite, Missa Est0:27
2.I Walk Alone3:53
3.Lost Northern Star4:23
4.Seeking For The Reign0:59
5.The Reign4:08
6.The Esacpe Of The Doll0:33
7.My Little Phoenix4:01
8.Boy And The Ghost4:37
9.Sing For Me4:16
12.Our Great Divide5:06
14.Damned And Divine4:19
15.Die Alive4:03
16.The Seer (Deleted Scene)4:20
17.Minor Heaven3:54
18.Ciarán's Well3:40
19.Calling Grace2:47

Disk #2

2.The Seer (Feat. Doro Pesch)4:21
3.Lost Nothern Star (Tagtgren Remix)4:38
4.Wisdom Of Wind6:35
5.The Reign (Score Mix)4:47
6.Die Alive (Alternative Version)4:10
7.Boy And The Ghost (Izumix)4:17
8.Calling Grace (Full Version)3:22
9.Lost Nothern Star (Ambience Sublow Mix)4:59
10.Damned And Divine (Live In Kuusankoski)5:48
11.You Would Have Loved This (Live In Kuusankoski)4:07
12.Our Great Divine (Live In Kuusankoski)5:19
13.Ciarán's Well (Live In Kuusankoski)3:49