Royal Blood mp3 Album by Royal Blood
  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 32:45


1.Out of the Black4:03
2.Come On Over2:52
3.Figure It Out3:04
4.You Can Be So Cruel2:45
5.Blood Hands3:08
6.Little Monster3:34
7.Loose Change2:36
9.Ten Tonne Skeleton3:08
10.Better Strangers4:13
I actually discovered this band while in a store shopping. "Out of The Black" was the song that played, and I was instantly hooked by that catchy drum intro into the heavy bass. That's another thing I really like about this band. The band consists of two people, a drummer and a bassist, yes, a bassist. The guitar you hear on this album is not a 6 string, but rather a bass guitar. The skill that this guy has make the bass guitar sound that way is amazing.
The main topic of the album that I sensed throughout each song has to do with some sort of relationship, past or present, that maybe isn't the greatest, but for some reason he keeps coming back to the woman he's signing about. That's just what I got out of these songs.

Favorites from this album are Out of the Black, Figure it Out, Come
On Over, and Little Monster.

Pick this album up! Great buy!