Take The Crown mp3 Album by Robbie Williams

Take The Crownby Robbie Williams

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 52:26


1.Be a Boy4:40
5.Shit on the Radio2:53
6.All That I Want3:28
7.Hunting for You4:00
8.Into the Silence4:49
9.Hey Wow Yeah Yeah2:53
10.Not Like the Others4:14
11.Losers (Feat. Lissie)4:09
13.Eight Letters4:44
Kenny Ellaway
"Take The Crown" is the first album from Robbie Williams since rejoining and then releaving Take That. My ex wife is Robbie Williams mad, and I've had to sit and listen to this album so much, I've actually started to like it. Hardcore Robbie fans will be all over this album, but casual fans may say it's not exactly a return to form for the Robster. It does contain the usual deep and meaningful songs such as "Different" ("You took my youth, you took my health, And if you're not here I'll fight myself") and the poppy chart hits such as "Candy". As I write this, the album is being downloaded from MP3Caprice. I've never been a hardcore Take That or Robbie Williams fan, but the album has to be listened to to be believed. It's like frogs legs, you'll either hate it, or you'll never get enough of it. Very much worth a listen.