Tetra mp3 Album by C2C
  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:00:54


1.The Cell5:00
2.Down the Road3:27
3.Kings Season (Feat. Rita J & Moongaï)3:51
4.Because of You (Feat. Pigeon John)3:43
6.Who Are You (Feat. Olivier Daysoul)4:51
7.Happy (Feat. Derek Martin)3:55
8.Give Up the Ghost (Feat. Jay-Jay Johanson)5:25
9.The Beat3:32
10.Genius (Feat. Gush)4:10
11.Together (Feat. Ledeunff & Blitz The Ambassador)4:51
13.Le Banquet (feat. Tigerstyle, Netik, Rafik, Vajra & Kentaro)4:56
Scott Hay
Thoroughly impressive release! I found out about it from the Dr. Pepper 1/1 commercial which featured the song "Down The Road" from this album and was hooked for the entire journey. An awesome mix of old-school turntablism and electronic; not to mention some pretty cool guest appearances (most notably from an old favorite of mine, Pigeon John).

Definitely recommended if you're looking for something fresh and new to listen to. Definitely not dubstep, definitely not electronica, definitely not hip-hop, definitely the perfect mix of it all rolled into one fantastic debut record. Here's hoping we get more 'down the road'...

Favourite track: Down The Road