The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast mp3 Album by Badly Drawn Boy

The Hour Of The Bewilderbeastby Badly Drawn Boy

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:03:37


1.The Shining5:19
2.Everybody's Stalking3:40
4.Fall In A River2:18
5.Camping Next To Water3:51
6.Stone On The Water3:58
7.Another Pearl4:27
8.Body Rap0:46
9.Once Around The Block3:45
10.This Song1:33
12.Magic In The Air3:44
13.Cause A Rockslide5:56
14.Pissing In The Wind4:20
15.Blistered Heart1:50
17.Say It Again4:41
Ian Blaikie
Hour of the bewilderbeast was Badly Drawn boy's first full length album released in 2000, though with a generous 18 tracks, "full length" is something of an understatement.

The album opens with a pleasant acoustic track "The shining;" the lyrics to which seem to set the tone and give you a feel for where the album is going. Each song just flows naturally into the next when suddenly you're hit by the amazing "Once around the block," -a wonderful track loaded with 'wahs' and major sevenths.

There's an inexplicable majestic quality to this album; the sweet piano melodies, acoustic guitar and strings all contribute. "Disillusion" is such an uplifting tune, well worth a listen; and the closing track "Epitaph" is just hauntingly beautiful.