Thunderdome: The Best of '98 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Thunderdome: The Best of '98by Various Artists

  • 63 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:43:32


Disk #1

1.Army of Hardcore (vs. The Stunned Guys)by Neophyte3:33
2.No Worriesby Bodylotion3:48
3.Let Da Bass Boomby Brian Acardy3:04
4.It's Deliciousby 3 Steps Ahead2:50
5.Painby Men of Steel4:00
6.Sweet Dreams You Bastardby The Headbanger3:49
7.Simbiosisby DJ Sim3:45
8.Lost Mindsby Hardcore Brothers3:37
9.The Tough Guys (vs. The VInyl Junk)by Cixx3:40
10.Killing Scum (DJ Promo Meets Shalin mix)by The Masochist3:53
11.Bring the Pain (meets Attic & Stylzz)by G-Town Madness2:59
12.Meet Her at the Thunderdomeby E-Rick & Tactic3:23
13.Adesse Quiby B.S.E.3:05
14.Da Pumpby Da Tekno Warriors3:32
15.Beat Ya Brain Againby Promo3:31
16.I Was Born Hardcoreby DJ Delirium3:56
17.Feelingsby Re-Charge3:36
18.Tell the DJ (vs. Bad News)by Hardcore Element3:23
19.I Wanna Rock Yaby Controller 13:24
20.Real Hardcoreby Neophyte3:50
21.Fuck Happyby Buzz Fuzz3:42
22.Thunderdomeby The Dreamteam3:07

Disk #2

1.I Like It Loudby Marshall Masters3:32
2.No Newstyle (DJ Paul's Hardhouse mix)by The Masochist2:57
3.The Legacy Continues (meets Attic & Stylzz)by G-Town Madness3:31
4.Mosquitto (DJ Paul's Old School mix)by Maurizio Braccagni3:40
5.Stompby 25% of the Dreamteam2:34
6.Razzle Dazzle (DJ Isaac mix)by Razzle Dazzle Trax3:15
7.98 to Piano (vs. DJ Paul)by Neophyte3:25
8.Firemanby Klangwerk3:01
9.Masochiszmby The Masochist3:41
10.Fun-ky Beatsby DJ Isaac & The Viper4:06
11.Bounce It Like Thisby Darrien Kelly & Omar Santana2:39
12.Mindblowerby 3 Steps Ahead3:53
13.Ruffneck (Sounds of the Drum & the Bass)by Wedlock3:04
14.B With Uby 50% of the Dreamteam4:37
15.My Shit Is Rawby Hardcore Brothers3:13
16.Pump Up the Partyby DJ Dione2:59
17.Just a Feelingby Promo3:50
18.Gib mir die Bass (noch korrekter)by Tschabos3:55
19.Tubthumbing (I Am Hardcore)by Alcoolik Row3:11
20.Braincrackingby Neophyte3:42
21.Hey Dieghitoby Moka DJ3:13
22.Master of the Universeby Overlord4:48

Disk #3

1.Conspiracyby Unexist3:54
2.Distortion to Staticby DJ PMC2:40
3.Fly With Meby New Style Anarchists2:38
4.Black Nightby Evidence3:28
5.When Evil Returnsby DJ Dano2:40 The Masochist3:57
7.Nhema Gayakayaby Mister DJ3:11
8.Professionals (Buzz Fuzz remix)by Square Dimensione3:57
9.Don't U Cryby Buzz Fuzz5:28
10.Feel With Powerby DJ Jappo & Lancinhouse4:23
11.Brute Forceby Omar Santana4:27
12.Frequenciesby Buzz Fuzz3:10
13.Clappin' Your Handsby Billy the Kid2:46
14.Bust the New Jamby Scott Brown3:40
15.Dreamteamby Buzz Fuzz3:52
16.I'm Godby Kesj & Donut4:20
17.Jealousy (Is a M.F.) (remix by 3 Steps Ahead)by Buzz Fuzz5:42
18.Good Luckby Placid K2:15
19.Vae VIctis (Quick Trip mix)by The Reactor2:51