Avenged Sevenfold mp3 Album by Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfoldby Avenged Sevenfold

  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 53:01


1.Critical Acclaim5:14
2.Almost Easy3:54
6.Unbound (The Wild Ride)5:12
7.Brompton Cocktail4:13
9.A Little Piece Of Heaven8:00
10.Dear God6:33
This album shows how creative this band can be when they want to experiment with other sounds. Matt Shadows said in an interview that they were wanting to go with an Oingo Boingo and/or Mr. Bungle sound for this album. Writing music inspired by Rock, Classical, and Funk elements really helped to create and AMAZING, hard-hitting, album where every song has its own sound to it. Not one song on this album sound the same. This also has the most involvement from their late drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan. He sang on every song on the album and he wrote one of the longest songs this band has ever made and played live. Synyster and Zacky knew how to use great guitar harmonizing and they showed it on this album, because every song has two guitars playing the same riff/solo in different tones, to help give it an amazing sound. Avenged Sevenfold is one band that does not disappoint in writing their albums. With being inspired by great Metal bands, like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath, and even Pantera. Even though, Matt used auto-tune on Lost, it still has all the elements of a great hard rock/metal band. It has great harmonizing from both guitars and has great drumming and great bass work.

Overall, this album in my opinion is Avenged's best work that they will ever release. It has everything a fan could want, and each song has its own little background story to it. So that's why i gave it a 5-star rating.
This album sees A7X step away from the GNR-enfused cock-rock and more into the bigger, arena rock / metal sound.

'Critical Acclaim', with its build up and frantic beginning, is quite out of place against the rest of the album and could almost belong on City of Evil. Still, its a great track and immediately the strength of Shadow's vocals ring through. Also, the guitars seem less complicated, more about the core riff then 3 or 4 harmonised layers.

'Almost Easy' speeds things up, and kicking into a great riff, Metallica'esque. Slick drumming here (RIP Rev.), breaking out to an open chorus, very singable. As is the whole album really! We also get a great solo here, one of many on the album.

'Scream' is dirty, and great. One of the great tracks on the album, with that climbing chorus riff. "You know I make you wanna screeeaaammm....". Love the way the bass does its own thing here in places too. More great soloing at 2:45.

'Afterlife' deserved to be one of the singles, with the guitars kicking in like something from 'City...'. That main chorus riff is so good. Definately a song for the musicians. Another relaxed chorus, but get the feeling Mr Auto-Tune got a workout here.

'Gunslinger', quite obviously, has a country theme and its great. Gentle into, nice vocals, but kicks in like a mule on cocaine. A sleazy-but nice, head nodding track, this is a good mid-album track which shows off Shadow's vocal delivery once again.

'Unbound' feels a little weak in comparison and some of the vocal parts seem tired and re-used. But just over the halfway mark, ther is a time signature change and once is kicks back in, its has an odd Muse/Knights of Cydonia feel to it. And Shadows kicks his vocals in again! Great chorus singing at the end.

'Brompton Cocktail' feels like one of the more mature tracks, beginning with some nifty percussions with stays with the first riff. Vocally, I think this is the best track, with Shadow's vibrato coming through well. This song builds atmosphere well with strings, breaks and more percussion and powerful vocals over breakdowns with some excellent guitar runs.

'Lost' is a great, speed rock / metal track with fast drums, typical harmonised guitars, heavy vocals... until the chorus. Then we get the 'Cher' effect. Game over.

'A Little Piece Of Heaven' remains, to this day, an incredible song. With orchestral arrangements influenced by Elfman, this has a read Tim-Burton feel to it. Heavy, light, slow, fast, this songs moves perfectly between all sections in its 8 minute life. Probably the best song on the album for sheer talent and diverity.

'Dear God' is a country love long. Nothing more, nothing less.

Overall, this album is very good but an unfortunate departure from the sheer chaos and sleeze that City of Evil delivered. A band maturing, yes. Maybe a but too much.
Jesse Hafemeister
After hearing City Of Evil, their third and previous album I was a little disappointed. All of City of Evil's songs were memorable, but I can't really say the same for their self entitled album. Having said that, this is still a great album and still worth buying as all of their albums are. A7x mentioned that they were trying to focus more on the lyrics contained within their songs instead of the muscial composition for this album. Maybe this is why I came out a little disappointed as I focus more on the music being played instead of lyrics being sung.
As sk8ertoxey said, A7X is a killer band, and must be praised, hail to Synyster, and the rest of the band. I bought this album on another account, and I just loved it. I thought, this might be a waste, but anyone could THINK that... Just try this album out, it is fantastic like Scream and Critical Acclaim...
A7X is a killer band and this is one of there best cds i would buy it if you are a A7X fan