Morning Phase mp3 Album by Beck

Morning Phaseby Beck

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 47:30


3.Heart Is a Drum4:33
4.Say Goodbye3:31
5.Blue Moon4:04
8.Don't Let It Go3:11
9.Blackbird Chain4:29
11.Turn Away3:08
12.Country Down4:03
13.Waking Light5:03
Previous year sent transformation race Beck album exclusively as sheet music, but you have to go six years back to find the last real studio album from the quirky Los Angeles musician. Meantime, he has spent on producer working for example Thurston Moore, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Stephen Malkmus, sporadic soundtrack work, and to keep the musical playgroup in its so-called 'Records Club', in which he interprets classic albums in their entirety.

'Morning Phase' has been long awaited. During the filming Beck teamed up with many of the same people, who starred at his melancholy break-up gem 'Sea Change' in 2002, an album like 'Morning Phase' in many ways is a natural extension of.

Musically, it means a return to the subdued and folk style, but here are several of the tracks got a discreet psychedelic touch, and the mood is predominantly more uplifting. It will however not be worse. The album is in fact the best and most focused from Beck since just 'Sea Change'.

On the airy psychfolkede 'Morning' sings Beck: "This morning I lost all my defenses." Here are their guard lowered, the largest skepticism packed away, and the singer seems to be ready to embrace life with all that it entails of acidic as sweet. 'Blue Moon' shines with tinkling banjo and a wild tangent piece, 'Wave' is eminently swathed in ethereal strings, 'Country Down' lull beautifully executed dressed wistful pedal steel guitar, and such is the distinguished moments in the queue.

Beck, in other words back at full speed